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One of the most common problems in the world and Turkey is hair loss. Although hair loss is thought to be a male condition, women are also often affected by this problem. Hair loss between 50 and 100 hairs on a daily basis is considered normal. In case of hair loss with more than these numbers, you should consult to a specialist doctor. Although methods such as laser, medicine treatment or PRP are used to prevent hair loss, hair transplant is performed for permanent solution.
Hair transplant is a natural and permanent solution to the thinning hair and baldness problem caused by hair loss. With the hair transplant operation, genetically hair fall resistant hair follicles are collected from the patient’s donor (back of the head between two ears) area and implanted into the channels opened in the areas where baldness or thinning occur. Hair transplant operation is a microsurgical operation that is performed under local anesthesia. For this reason, it should be done in a hospital environment and with an anesthesiologist.


Hair transplant is a surgical operation that needs to be done seriously. For this reason, the division of labor should be determined at every moment of the operation. The main stages of the operation before the hair transplant process consists of 3 stages.

1 - Collection of Hair Roots

Necessary preparations are completed for the donor area before harvesting grafts from the back of the head. For the operation designed according to the hair transplant method, the hairs in this region are collected in groups of 1, 2 or 3 and it is performed very carefully.

2 – Channel Opening

Again, according to the method of hair transplant, channels are opened in accordance with the size and width of the graft to be implanted. In addition, the channels must be opened in the direction in which the hair follicles will grow. It is known that the most critical process in a hair transplant is the grooving operation.

3 - Placement of Grafts into Channels

The grafts collected in the third and last stage are implanted one by one at 40-45 degree angles into the opened channels and hair transplant operation is completed.

Who Is good candIdate for haIr transplant?

Firstly, it is determined whether hair transplant is required by examination. If the hair transplant specialist detects that the hair follicles are alive or a temporary loss occurs, he will look for solutions with treatments that will strengthen the hair follicles.
Hair transplant is applied in people whose hair is lost depending on age, hormones and familial heredity. However, hair transplant can be applied to the bald areas on the hair or eyebrows caused by burns, and on the balding areas where hair loss occurs due to aesthetic operation and illness.
Age or hair structure is not a restrictive feature for hair transplant. It is necessary that existing hair to be used as donor have healthy hair follicles.
Although hair transplant is not a surgical intervention, a blood test is performed for the procedures. Therefore, hair transplant can be applied to every healthy individual.


The most up-to-date technology in hair transplant is the FUE technique, a micro-surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia, where the roots are harvested with the help of a micro motor. This method is the basis of all hair transplant methods.
The main stages are the same in all hair transplant methods. Hair roots are harvested, the channels are opened and harvested grafts are implanted into these channels. The differences that distinguish the methods of hair transplant from each other are caused by the device used when removing the hair roots, the medical tools used during the opening of the channels and during the transplant. These differences lead to different naming techniques of hair transplant.


Today, many hair transplant methods are applied in various hair transplant centers or hospitals. However, the characteristics of the patient’s hair structure, baldness, and head area should be examined for the most accurate hair transplant method. Therefore, the opinion of the doctor and the patient on the method to be applied are effective.

1. Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

In this method, a special sapphire tip pen is used instead of metal slit during the channel opening stage. What makes the method different is these sapphire tips that allow smaller micro channels to be opened, therefore, it speeds up the healing process and reducing incrustation.

2. Normal FUE Hair Transplant

Hair follicles that are collected and separated using a micro motor are implanted manually into the channels opened.

3. DHI Hair Transplant (Unshaved)

In this method, which is also called direct hair transplant, opening channels and transplanting the harvested grafts into channel are performed simultaneously using a medical pen named Choi. Because the hair follicles to be transplanted will remain in the external environment for a shorter period, the grafts are more likely to remain healthy.

4. Robotic Hair Surgery

In this method, the hair roots are collected by the hair transplant robot. After the channels are opened with the hair transplant robot, the collected roots are planted manually.


Hair transplant is a serious surgical practice. In order to minimize the risks of hair transplant, it should be done in a fully equipped hospital environment. It is very important that operation is performed by well-trained and experienced plastic surgeons to have the best results. For a successful hair transplant during the operation, the transplanted hair follicles need to quickly “be set” in the area where they are placed. The success rate of hair transplant (90% and above) is quite high if a correct technique is applied. For a natural look, it is of great importance that the hair is implanted at the right distance, at the right angle and at the right density.


With effective results in hair transplant operations, Turkey has managed to become the world’s most important center for hair transplant. Health tourism head towards Turkey due to the quality of service provided beside hair transplant procedure which is more economical than in Europe and America. Hair transplant price varies depending on the selected hair transplant center, however, it is also determined by the patient’s hair and various factors.

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