Who Can Have Hair Transplant?

Who can have Hair Transplant? In recent years, hair loss has become a problem that we see frequently in both men and women. Hair transplant is carried out when hair loss due to hormones, stress or any health problems is not treated with medicines. It is necessary to meet certain conditions for this process performed […]

Does Anyone Die During Hair Transplant?

Does anyone die during hair transplant? Nowadays, with the spread of hair transplant operations, hair transplant surgery is believed to be an easy operation. It can be said that it is a lighter procedure compared to other operations. But hair transplant should not be seen as a simple operation. It is of great importance to […]

Causes of Hair Loss at Teenagers

What are the Causes of Hair Loss at Teenagers? Today, hair loss starts from age of 20s. Research carried out in adolescence has revealed many reasons for hair loss. While the reason for hair loss in young men is generally due to genetic factors, the reason for hair loss in women is more likely to […]

Hair Washing after Hair Transplant

Hair Washing after Hair Transplant has an important role in order to get successful results from hair transplant. Especially after the first week of hair transplant operation, you should be very careful. The care taken into consideration to get new hair increases the healing process after the procedure. Hair was after the hair transplant should […]

What Is Grey Hair Transplant?

What is grey hair transplant? Hair transplant process can be preferred by people of all ages with hair loss and thinning hair problems. However, considering the general average of those who prefer this procedure, the majority of people who have hair transplant are thirty or over thirty. In this case, it is very likely that […]

What is Beard Transplant?

What is Beard Transplant? The beard, which is described as so-called a man’s makeup, has been used by almost all men in recent years as long or short. Most men have a beard that grows bushy, but the beard is less likely to grow because of hair fall or hormonal reasons. If the person is […]

How is the second hair transplantation performed?

How is the second hair transplantation performed? People who have hair transplant for the first time in their twenties may experience gradual expansion in the regions where the first baldness occurs. While the hair in the implanted area is bushy, balding and thinning can be seen in the surrounding areas. The reason for this is […]

What are the Side Effects of Hair Transplant?

Turkey is believed to be the number one destination for hair transplant. However, side effects of a hair transplant are being considered by those who want hair transplant. So, What are the side effects of hair transplant? There are a few factors to be taken into consideration when it comes to hair transplant. If these […]

What is Afro Hair Transplant?

What is Afro Hair Transplant? Afro hair transplant is searched frequently. Afro hair transplant is hair transplant procedure that is performed on those who have curly and wavy hair. People who have this type of hair can differ from those who have straight hair. It is important to be attentive in performing hair transplant operation […]

What is Thinning Hair Problem?

One of the most common problem around the world is thinning hair problem. Well, What is Thinning Hair Problem? Thinning hair can be seen both men and women. It can be experienced as hairs getting balding, thin hair or hair loss. Due to insufficient hair care, hair starts to thin in time. What is Thinning […]

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